21st Century Teaching and the Global Scale of English


The key elements of 21st century learning help prepare students for future jobs and careers where digital knowledge is seamlessly integrated across a variety of professional roles. Often summarized as the 4 Cs of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication – with a thread of digital and blended learning – the principles of 21st century learning are open to adaptation into the language learning environment. The key challenge for educators is knowing how to build lessons that address the 4Cs while providing measurable success and progress in language development. In this session we will explore how the Global Scale of English can be used with 21st century skills principles to create dynamic learning experiences for students of all ages.

About the Speaker

Sara Davila

Sara Davila is a teacher, teacher trainer, and educational consultant who has been working in the field of language and language development for over 12 years. She has worked in the US and abroad as a language teacher and learning expert in the field of language acquisition. Ms. Davila has done extensive research on performance assessment, communicative based instructional strategies, and learning theory, with presentations, workshops, and articles around each topic. She is currently working with Pearson ELT as the Learning Expert in Higher Education for global English language products. Ms. Davila continues to contribute to the field through her website, which contains presentations, free lesson plans, and free worksheets for teachers, which can be found at www.saradavila.com.