Rivers of Learning: Measuring Success for Teachers and Students

Presented by Dr. Ken Beatty

How do we measure success in the ever-changing river of language learning? For most students, it’s passing a final test. But there are other measures of success. This presentation looks at how success is influenced by three factors: one, teachers’ training, experiences, and passions; learners needs, desires, and ambitions; two, the contexts for teaching and learning; and, three, the materials we use. Success can be measured in how these flow together to reach teachers’ and learners’ goals.

About the Speaker

Ken Beatty

Dr. Ken Beatty, Anaheim University TESOL Professor, has worked in secondary schools and universities in Asia, the Middle East, and North and South America, lecturing on language teaching and computer-assisted language learning from the primary through university levels. He is author/co-author of 77 textbooks for Pearson including Learning English for Academic Purposes, and has given 400+ teacher-training sessions and 100+ conference presentations in 34 countries. He is Series Consultant for StartUp.